Water Facts and Data

Science, data and good stewardship guide Metro Atlanta’s comprehensive approach to water planning for economic, environmental and social well-being. Understanding how much of water is supplied by each basin, current rainfall in relation to precipitation trends, and where our region is experiencing drought are all important to water management in our region.

Level 2 Drought Response

Georgia’s Environmental Protection Division has declared a drought response for much of Georgia, including all 15 counties in the Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District. Winter rains have … Learn more

Water Withdrawal by Basin

Water Withdrawal by Basin

Metro Atlanta relies on waters flowing through its five major river basins: Chattahoochee, Etowah (sub-basin of the Coosa), Flint, Ocmulgee and Oconee. Learn more

U.S. Drought Monitor

The U.S. Drought Monitor provides timely and understandable scientific information on water supply and drought in our region. Learn more

ACF Reservoir Levels

Check the latest Midnight Pool and Daily Average Outflow levels at various points along the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint River. Learn more

Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District