Calendar Photo Contest

2016 Water Reflections Calendar Photo Contest

Sophie Leading the Way by Jeff Shell

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Winners Announced

The winners have been selected for the 2016 Contest. The Grand Prize Winner is Jeff Shell of Acworth with Sophie Leading the Way. Jeff will receive $500 and an annual membership to Friends of Georgia State Parks and Historic Sites. All other winners will receive a cash prize for each winning photo and an annual membership to Georgia State Parks and Historic Sites. Winning photos will appear in the 2017 Water Reflections Calendar.

The 2016 Water Reflections Calendar is ready for purchase!

Calendars are $12, including shipping and handling. With each calendar purchased, a $5 tax deductible donation will go directly to the 15-county, 95-city Metro Water District to fund programs and resources on water conservation and watershed pollution prevention in the region.


About the Contest

Metro Atlanta is home to many beautiful water features including Lake Lanier, Allatoona Lake and the Chattahoochee, Flint, Yellow and Etowah Rivers. These lakes and rivers provide Metro Atlantans with more than just recreational and photo opportunities; they also serve as valuable resources for our region’s water supply! As good stewards of our natural environment, it is imperative that we protect our water supply from point source and nonpoint source pollution and conserve whenever we can.

Each year, the Metro Water District holds a photography contest to promote an awareness of the need to protect our shared water resources. 2016 winning photographs will receive a cash prize, an annual membership to  Friends of Georgia State Parks & Historic Sites and will be included in the 2017 Water Reflections Calendar.

Stormwater Pollution Prevention in Action!

This year, an additional prize will be awarded for the best photo that highlights stormwater pollution prevention in action. Show us what you do in and around your home or business to prevent point source and nonpoint source stormwater pollution. Great creative! Visit the Clean Water Campaign website and the District’s Stormwater in Our Region and Plan page for ideas.




Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District