Water Supply and Water Conservation Management Plan

The Water Supply and Conservation Management Plan provides the framework for meeting long term supply demand. It calls for intensive water demand management and an aggressive water conservation program. The plan includes recommended supply sources and facilities for the Metro Water District, as well as the sizing of water treatment plants required to meet future need.

Water Conservation Plan in Action

Toilet Rebate Program Saves 1 Billion Gallons of Water Per Year

In partnership with the Metro Water District, water providers have offered toilet rebate programs to single-family and multi-family residential customers who own properties built before 1993. Through this effort, more than 120,000 toilets have been replaced, saving nearly 2.4 million gallons per day. See Action Item 5.2 in the Water Supply and Water Conservation Plan

Conservation Pricing Contributes to Regional Decline in Per Capita Water Use

One hundred percent of Metro Water District water providers have implemented a multi-tiered conservation rate structure for single-family residents. Residential rates increase with greater consumption in order to encourage conservation among residents. See Action Item 5.1 in the Water Supply and Water Conservation Plan
Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District