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The water utility you selected does not participate in the Multi-family Toilet Rebate Program. Therefore, your property is not eligible for the rebate.

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Please note: Rebate funding and maximum rebates allowed per property will vary depending on the water utility and funding availability. Maximum rebates allowed per property are listed here by water utility.

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(Maximum rebates allowed per property are listed here by water utility.)

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Please note: Onlyrequest one rebate type. The requested rebate will be reviewed with applicantduring the pre-approval process. Applicant may not change the rebate type afterpre-approval.

Toilet Program Policy

By submittal hereof, customer acknowledges the following:

  • The rebate is a one-time rebate per property to be received only if the customer is in good financial standing with the water utility.
  • The property is for residential use and was built in 1993 or earlier with toilets using 3.5 gallons per flush or greater.
  • The rebate credit of $50.00 is only available for WaterSense Labeled High Efficiency Toilets using 1.28 gallons per flush and the $75.00 rebate is only available for WaterSense Labeled Ultra High Efficiency Toilets using 1.1 gallons per flush or less.
  • The property must install a minimum of 30 toilets to be eligible for the rebate program.
  • The maximum number of rebates per property varies by the water utility and is listed online for each utility and will also be reviewed with the customer during the pre-approval process.
  • The customer must not purchase and install new toilets until after the application has been pre-approved by Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District staff. After the customer is notified of the pre-approval, the 90-day purchase and installation period begins.
  • During the 90-day purchase and installation period, the applicant must purchase the new toilets, remove and dispose of the old toilets, install the new toilets, complete the property spreadsheet, and schedule a post-installation inspection with the Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District.
  • If required by the water utility, customer must recycle old toilets at an approved recycler. Recycling requirements are listed online and the applicant will also be notified if recycling is a requirement for their water utility during the pre-approval process before the toilet retrofit begins. If recycling is required, customer must submit loading ticket to confirm that toilets were disposed at an approved recycler.
  • All properties must schedule a post-installation inspection of the new toilets to verify toilet replacement.
  • The rebate program is subject to available funds and may be cancelled at any time without notice.
  • Rebate is available only for eligible customers and qualifying toilets as determined by the Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District.

My electronic signature below indicates that I have read and understand the toilet program policy as stated above. I understand to receive this rebate, I must install qualifying toilets and dispose of my current toilet according to water utility guidelines so that it may not be reused. I also understand a post-installation inspection will be conducted to verify toilet replacement. The original receipt for the new toilets purchased will be required for approval. I certify by my signature below that I will comply with all of the requirements of the rebate program, that this application is true and correct in all respects, and that any failure on my part to provide true and correct information may subject me to penalties.

Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District
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