STREAM Awards for Projects and Programs of Excellence

  In an effort to recognize the achievements of Metro Water District utilities, local governments and authorities, we have created the STREAM Awards for Programs and Projects of Excellence. STREAM winners were announced at the Metro Water District's 15th Anniversary Celebration on June 1, 2016. Nominated projects and programs were assessed using the following criteria:
  • Projects set an example for environmentally SUSTAINABLE practices, such as conserving energy, investing in renewable energy, conserving water, conserving fuel, reducing waste and protecting or restoring the community’s natural resources. Education and Outreach programs promote sustainability.
  • Projects are THOUGHTFUL and innovative in design. Programs use innovative techniques for outreach, and messaging is intentional.
  • Projects and programs may be local or REGIONAL in scale. Projects or programs that are regional in scale and show positive impact on the region and downstream will rank higher.
  • Projects and programs actively ENGAGE the community and stakeholders. Projects and programs that can show an ongoing relationship with the community will rank higher.
  • The principles and elements of the project or program are APPLICABLE to other communities. Projects and programs that can identify communities that have applied elements and principles will rank higher.
  • Success of projects and programs can be MEASURED. Project and program success can be measured in a variety of ways. Please share the impact this project or program has had both within your jurisdiction and beyond.
Water Supply and Water Conservation Program of Excellence Cobb County Water System for their Green Cities Program, a budget-neutral, direct install loan program enables multi-family and lodging facilities to completely retrofit their properties with high-efficiency fixtures. Currently, more than 800 full sets of fixtures have been replaced with high-efficiency fixtures, saving Cobb Water more than 1 million gallons per month. Wastewater Project of Excellence Clayton County Water Authority for constructed wetlands. Clayton County uses constructed wetlands for indirect potable reuse, treating more than 20 million gallons per day. Together, the wetlands and existing reuse program have reduced dependence on water supplied by the Flint and Ocmulgee watersheds. Watershed/Stormwater Project of Excellence The City of Alpharetta for Rock Mill Park, an environmental education and outreach center. The park incorporates green infrastructure and highlights the natural beauty of Big Creek. The park includes engineered wetlands, enhanced swales, bioretention, a greenroof facility and native planting materials. The city also preserved many large stands of trees and wildlife habitat. Watershed/Stormwater Program of Excellence The City of Atlanta for Post Development Stormwater Management Ordinance, which requires green infrastructure. Atlanta passed one of the most far-reaching post-development stormwater management ordinances in the country. The city has embraced the use of green infrastructure to relieve sewers, restore ecosystems, stimulate the economy, and improve water quality. Education/Outreach Program of Excellence Henry County Water Authority for Cubihatcha Kids, an outdoor education program for all third grade students in Henry County Schools. Cubihatcha Kids was developed to provide opportunities for hands-on learning. Each fall, every third grader in Henry County elementary schools participates in these field trips. To date, more than 36,000 children and participating adults have been reached. Education/Outreach Program of Excellence Honorable Mention Douglasville-Douglas County Water and Sewer Authority for New Stormwater Fee Resident Education Program, a community-wide education effort to get customers informed and empowered about stormwater and its effects on their everyday lives. The interaction with customers and the community on a regular basis has contributed significantly to a successful and comprehensive stormwater management program. Coordination Project of Excellence Bartow County, Cherokee County, Cobb County, Dawson County, Forsyth County, Lumpkin County, Pickens County, Cherokee County Water and Sewerage Authority, Cobb County-Marietta Water Authority and the Etowah Water and Sewer Authority for the Lake Allatoona/Upper Etowah River Comprehensive Watershed Study. The project developed a technically sound and comprehensive analysis of the entire Lake Allatoona/Upper Etowah River watershed. This enabled improved decision making and resource protection through plans for comprehensive monitoring, watershed assessment, and watershed protection. Coordination Program of Excellence Honorable Mention The City of Gainesville, Hall County and the City of Oakwood for Hall County Green Alliance, a county-wide, voluntary network of 35 partners who work together toward common environmental goals. The program has allowed environmental organizations and programs in the county to have a larger impact than they could have alone, and has enabled residents to better understand their natural resources and get more involved in volunteer activities.   Thank you to our member local governments, utilities and authorities for all of the great work they have done over the years to move our region forward as a recognized leader in water resource management!
Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District