What is Water Planning?

The Metro Water District establishes strategies for water supply and conservation, watershed and wastewater management. Our integrated and holistic approach to water resource management protects water quality, supply, and recreational values in and downstream of the region.

Collaboration and Coordination:

We leverage the diverse perspectives of experts within each field of water management to develop innovative solutions to the complex challenges ahead.

A Future Approach:

Our integrated approach to water planning supports green infrastructure strategies and leads to more sustainable and comprehensive solutions in the future.

Mutually Beneficial:

We are evaluating the interrelationship between supply and conservation, stormwater and wastewater management to select measures that offer the greatest impact for the vitality of our communities.

Three Plans, One Integrated System

Each of the three comprehensive water plans developed by the Metro Water District details aggressive strategies and recommendations for effective water management and conservation. They include specific tasks and milestones for implementation by local governments.
Watershed Management Plan

Watershed Management Plan

Details strategies and recommendations for both effective watershed and stormwater management and water quality protection. It includes specific tasks and milestones for implementing these recommendations for local governments as well as regional and state agencies. Learn more

Wastewater Management Plan

Wastewater Management Plan

Sets forth strategies for comprehensive wastewater management efforts to meet future needs across the Metro Water District. The plan outlines a long-term implementation schedule for public wastewater treatment. It also provides for comprehensive wastewater planning to establish future sewer service areas. Learn more

Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District