Single-Family Toilet Rebate Program


As of July 1, 2021, the rebate structure will change.
Only toilets that are Ultra High Efficient (UHET) using 1.1 gpf or less will be rebated at a value of $75.
Dual-flush toilets (1.1/1.6 GPF) do not qualify.
Toilets using 1.28 gpf are no longer eligible.

Eligibility Requirements

Customers must meet the following qualifications to receive a toilet rebate:

  • Have an individual residential account with a participating water provider and be up to date on your billing payments.
  • Own or rent a single-family residential home built in 1993 or earlier (this will be verified).
  • Purchase an approved toilet to replace an older toilet using 3.5 gallons per flush (gpf) or greater. Only approved WaterSense labeled toilets using 1.1 gpf or less will qualify for a rebate. Review this document of “15 important tips before you purchase a toilet
  • There is a limit of two (2) toilet rebates per property (including previous owners).
  • Agree to an installation verification visit to ensure your efficient toilets have been installed.

Note: Rebates are limited and will be issued on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Approved Toilets

There is a limit of two (2) toilet rebates per property (including previous owners). To qualify for a rebate, you must purchase a WaterSense labeled toilet using 1.1 gpf or less.

Please visit the WaterSense Product Search for approved toilet models.

To ensure you receive the maximum rebate amount of $75 per toilet visit this list of third-party performance tested ultra high efficiency 1.1 gpf toilets. Remember in most cases dual-flush toilets are considered greater than 1.1 gpf.

How to Apply for Your Rebate

New! Apply Online 

Before starting your online application, please make sure you have the following documents ready to upload:

  • Receipt of purchase of your new toilet(s)
  • Recent water bill that clearly displays the account number and the metered address

or Apply by Mail:

Step 1

Download the application (PDF) or call (404) 463-8645 to request a copy be mailed to you.

Step 2

Mail your completed signed application, original receipt for the new toilet purchased, and a copy of your most recent water bill to:

Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District
Toilet Rebate Program
229 Peachtree Street NE
Suite 100
Atlanta, GA 30303

What Happens Next?

You will receive an approval notification after your application has been approved. Rebate applications take approximately 2 to 3 months to process.

You should receive your rebate within 2 billing cycles after your rebate application has been approved. If after 2 billing cycles you still have not received your rebate, contact your local water provider.

Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District