Protocol Limitations, Release of Liability, and Disclosure

The Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District make no representation, endorsements, or
warranties, express or implied, concerning the validity or suitability of this assessment method for any particular technology or product, or of the accuracy of the evaluation results produced using this protocol; and do not endorse, approve, make or permit to be made any claims based in whole or in part on these results to be asserted by the manufacturers of the systems or equipment assessed using this protocol. Purchasers and users of any proprietary systems presented by a manufacturer or other entity using this protocol should make their own independent analyses and evaluations concerning the usefulness or value of any stormwater technologies or combinations of technologies in considering whether to use any proprietary system for post-construction stormwater management. Use of the information generated under the PCSTAP constitutes acceptance of this limitation of liability.

Existing Concurrences

This is not an exhaustive list of the proprietary systems being used by utilities in the Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District.


Manufacturer Proprietary System PCSTAP Review Documents
ADS/ BaySaver Technologies BayFilter Concurrence Letter

PCSTAP Summary

BioClean Modular Wetland System Concurrence Letter

PCSTAP Summary

BioClean Kraken Filter Concurrence Letter

PCSTAP Summary

Contech Storm Filter Concurrence Letter

PCSTAP Summary

Filterra Bioretention Filtration Systems Concurrence Letter


Hydro International
(Southeast Culvert Inc)
Up-Flo Filter w/ CPZ Mix Filter Media Concurrence Letter

PCSTAP Summary

Oldcastle BioPod Biofiltration Device *Conditional Concurrence Letter


Oldcastle PerkFilter Media Filtration Device Concurrence Letter


* A conditional concurrence means that the device submittal did not meet the full PCSTAP criteria, but was close enough to warrant an additional submittal period. The conditional concurrence letter describes the review findings and deficiencies in the submittal that are outstanding. A conditional occurrence is valid for 12 months after date of issuance and upon expiration will be removed from the District website.

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