Basin Advisory Councils

What is a Basin Advisory Council (BAC)?

Basin Advisory Councils are volunteer community and stakeholder groups which provide input on the District’s plans and policies for the 15-county Atlanta region.

A river basin is the area of land where the water which falls runs into a single river. The Metro Water District covers parts of several river basins, and for our five major river basins there are six Basin Advisory Councils (the large Chattahoochee basin is divided into two):

  • Chattahoochee
  • Lanier
  • Coosa/Etowah
  • Flint
  • Ocmulgee
  • Oconee

What do BACs do?

BAC members serve two-year terms and participate in regular meetings to make recommendations on policy-related and basin-specific issues. They meet quarterly for regular meetings, and special meetings may be called at other times for BAC members to provide input on Metro Water District activities and actions. A list of upcoming meetings is available on our website.


  • Provide basin-specific input on plan updates which occur every five years
  • Attend quarterly meetings to provide community input into the District’s policies
  • Attend educational presentations and facility tours on their basin’s water resources.

How can I join my local BAC?

The first step to joining a Basin Advisory Council is to determine which one you are in. You can use the map below to find where you live and what BAC it corresponds to. Note that the upper part of the Chattahoochee basin – upriver of where the river flows out of Lake Lanier – has its own council, the Lanier BAC.

Then, you can fill out our online application for BAC membership. We encourage members with a diverse set of interests and perspectives to apply for membership. If you have any questions, you can contact us at

Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District