One Integrated Plan for Metro Atlanta's Water Resources

Draft Water Resource Plan Posted for Public Comment

The Metro Water District has released the DRAFT Water Resources Management Plan for public comment. The Metro Water District is seeking public review and comment on the draft plan from July 27, 2022, to August 26, 2022. Comments may be submitted to

A virtual meeting on the draft plan will be held on August 16, 2022, at 1 p.m. using Zoom. Access the meeting here: Zoom Meeting Link,

Meeting ID: 812 8522 1444 Passcode 238690

Draft Water Resource Management Plan Documents:

Draft 2022 Water Resource Management Plan

Draft Appendix A: River Basin Profiles

Draft Appendix B: County-Level Summaries

Draft Appendix C: Local Public Education Programs: Activities, Key Education Focus Areas and Target Audiences

Draft Model Ordinance for Local Drought Response & Water Waste

Draft Model Ordinance for Water Efficiency Code Requirements


2017 Water Resource Management Plan

The Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District’s Water Resource Management Plan brings together water supply and conservation, wastewater management, and watershed management into a single, integrated document.Water Management Plan

Combining these three plans enables the Metro Water District to look at water management in a holistic fashion, helping meet the future needs of the Metro Water District while protecting water quality and supply in the District as well as in downstream communities.

The plan, developed with robust stakeholder input, includes a range of action steps that build on the Metro Water District’s water conservation and management achievements.


Appendix A: River Basin Profiles

Appendix A: River Basin Profiles

The River Basin Profiles (RBPs) are intended to provide watershed-based information and perspectives on potential management issues within each of the Metro Water District's HUC-8 watersheds. Each … Learn more

Appendix B: County-Level Summaries

Appendix B: County-Level Summaries

Appendix B outlines the anticipated schedule for expanding hydraulic capacity and building new water and wastewater treatment facilities in the Metro Water District to meet 2050 forecasted … Learn more

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