Water Festival

Celebrate Fix a Leak Week with Virtual Water Festival Activities!

If you’ve enjoyed attending the post-race Water Festival at Water Drop Dash races in the past, then be sure to check out the resources in this year’s virtual water festival. Many of the Metro Water District’s utility partners are celebrating Fix a Leak Week in some really fun ways!

How-To Activities:

How to Change Your Toilet Flapper (Gwinnett County) – Toilet Flappers are a common source of household leaks. Once you’ve figured out your toilet is leaking, take the next step and replace your toilet flapper.

Leak Detection Virtual Workshop (Fulton County) on March 18th at 6 PM – Learn how to find and repair leaks in your home.

Learn how to change your toilet flapper (Gwinnett County) – Did you know the toilet flapper is one of the most common culprits of household leaks?

Use your water meter to identify leaks in your home (Cobb County Water System) – Ever wondered how to find and read your water meter? Cobb County Water System’s informative video shows you how to identify and read your water meter, and use it to detect leaks inside your home.

Take a DIY Household Water Assessment (Metro Water District) and find all the ways to conserve water in and around your home.

Family Fun Activities:

Play a game of Hide-N-Go-Seek Leaks (Cherokee County Water and Sewerage Authority) – Start a small leak at home and see who can find it first. Learn all about common household leaks and how to find them.

Do the 2 Minute Family Challenge (Cherokee County Water and Sewerage Authority) – Try different household items to stop and fix leaks. The person who loses the least amount of water in 2 minutes wins!

Water Drop Dash Swag Bags

Did you receive a limited-edition Fix a Leak Week themed Water Drop Dash Swag Bag? Below, you’ll find some of the items in the bag with resources on how to utilize them.

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