The Technical Assistance Program (TAP) offers technical and implementation support for our member jurisdictions across a range of water resource planning to ensure quality and effective integration. TAP helps our communities plan projects, identify resources, and develop strategies for specific issues.

Services to Assist Regional Partners

The Technical Assistance Program (TAP) is available to all communities, utilities, and water authorities in the 15-county area and includes the following services:

  • Plan implementation guidance to jurisdictions, utilities, and authorities
  • One-on-one walkthrough meetings of the EPD-MNGWPD audit process (using 2022 Plan Audit Spreadsheet)
  • Assistance with completing the District’s annual assessment survey
  • Facilitation of intergovernmental groups and joint inter-water supply watersheds
  • Connection of peer jurisdictions working on similar projects
  • Stormwater Forecast Analysis

2022 Water Resources Management Plan
Implementation Resources
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